Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


A great blog to help people in need. I salute the peopel who are running it.


Saturday, June 03, 2006


Old Flame

That old beauty, how can I forget her, I can still feel her shiny black skin against my palm. The smooth enticing curves in my hand would allow me to go on an on and on.

I would start our conversation by gently lifting her top and bring it close to my face. Simultaneously I would insert my finger in the middle and move in a circular motion and that would make the middle of her body writhe around in circles and return back to where it started, making a peculiar moaning sound. Intrigued by this I would repeat this game four to five times and she would start making strange but familiar noises.

I would respond by leaning back on my chair, while clutching her between my head and shoulder (this would free my hands to do other things) and she would gently plant a kiss on the earlobes, I would move my head with a slight jerk, moving the other end towards my open mouth and utter in a classic baritone “Hello…”

Monday, May 29, 2006

Visual Protest


A visual form of protest. I am using technology to spread it. Please copy this image and use it on your website, cellphone MSN messenger icons etc.

"May the force be with you "

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


It's not about them
but about you
we all know what the truth is

don't administrate but
divide and rule men.
the brits did it then
and you're doing it again.

people will die
but you will thrive
how long do you think
we'll just survive?

brahmins maimed their legs
you've brought crutches for them?
teach them how to fish
but you're buying fish again

the brahmins had convictions in deeds
you're just hiding behind the white suits

if you were a disease you would be
diabetes - silently you kill,
making every sweet poison.

you realise, darwin just turned
in his grave, didn't he?
the fittest just died.

take away someone's limbs
chop and dry the bones
and give them away as crutches
but mind you,
don't give them confidence to walk.

reserve for them a bench
reserve for them a dish
because you're sure they won't eat
they're not really hungry, are they?
eat their share while the hungry die.

it's the end of the day
you want to make sure
the sun rises tomorrow
it's your vote bank you count
and your swiss bank you flaunt

Friday, April 21, 2006


Where is the form?
And where is the function?

Is more, less?
Or less is more

Make rules today?
Or break some tomorrow?

The boundaries of creation
Do they give us direction?

Constraints or Philosophy?
What drives the solution ?

What should lead?
And what should follow?

Do we design all this
to Design?

Monday, December 19, 2005


I looked at her
She looked at me
There were no words exchanged
But we spoke for a while

She was young
I was younger
She bit her lips
I just stared at her with my widening pupils

An old man came and sat next to her
And told chauffer in the limousine “let’s go”

Love at first sight

I was looking at her,
sitting at the bar

She was wearing dark glasses, staring back at me
She smiled at me and I got courage.

As I was walking towards her the smile grew bigger,
I was about to say something when I noticed

The red and white stick lying next to her


It was mid night
He was hungry and looking for food
There were not many people on the streets
He sneaked into a building
Inside a group of people were standing
He plunged his teeth into one nice plump neck
No blood and his teeth got stuck

The signboard outside the building read Madam Tussaud’s.